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{ A De-Constructed Event }

What's it all about?

At BluLever, we have decided to disrupt the way we think about “Summits”, the way we think about knowledge generation and solution seeking, and about bringing people together. We are pulling apart what it means to host an annual event, to bring you something brand new, something that will ignite your innovation.

In 2019, BluLever Education curated and hosted The Artisan 4.0 Summit, a successful event that brought together 120+ stakeholders from across the ecosystem. We are excited to introduce this year’s annual event: The Artisan 4.0: Insight Series. In this series we are looking to dig deep into 4 topics - building on those uncovered during last year’s event - that are critical to the artisan ecosystem.

The Insight Series is a deconstructed event that digs deep into key questions for the artisan ecosystem, reveals impactful insights, and inspires lasting value creation.

The Artisan 4.0 Insight Series 2020 has now ended. Please watch this space for information about next year's event. You can read the articles and watch the recordings below.

1: Readiness

How do we best prepare young people for an apprenticeship?

One of the loudest and most constant complaints in the artisan industries is that young people are not properly prepared for apprenticeships. Not only do they have unrealistic and misaligned expectations, but they are ill prepared for the world of work, and are not equipped with basic life skills. Many employers see this as an “attitude problem” and as a make or break for young people - either they have it, or they’re not worth the time. Others question whether we even have the right prerequisites for apprenticeships. Cracking the question of how to better prepare our youth apprenticeships will solve one of the biggest challenges we face as an ecosystem today.

3: Ecosystems

How do we go about building enabling artisan ecosystems?

Strong ecosystems can make or break an industry. In the artisan world, ecosystems are largely disaggregated, directionless, uncoordinated, and do not enable growth. Having a coherent narrative and driving force in a sector can change its direction and fate, and uplift an entire industry. There are sectors in South Africa that have gotten this right, and there are lessons to be learnt and applied that can be translated across the artisan ecosystem for the benefit of all. This topic will explore the recipe for a strong, enabling artisan ecosystem, using examples to identify the key to success.

2: Incubation

How do we effectively incubate artisan based businesses?

The vast majority of consumer-facing artisan businesses are micro-enterprises within the informal sector. Despite being the largest segment of this industry, they are constantly on the edge of survival. The number one request from struggling micro-enterprises is a need for upskilling and support to grow and sustain their businesses. In many instances, the red tape and bureaucracy surrounding formalisation seem so insurmountable that businesses simply don’t know where to start. This topic will tackle the ways in which artisan based business can become empowered to go from informal and insecure, to formalised, secure and growing.

4: Digital Learning

How can we best leverage digital learning for trade education?

The way we train and educate in the artisan ecosystem has remained largely unchanged over the last 50 years. While other education sectors have surged ahead, incorporating innovative learning methodology, and using technology to completely flip the script - artisan education has lagged behind and stagnated. The current global pandemic has moved this from merely an important conversation that very few people are having, to an urgent conversation on all of our minds. This topic will engage key experts in online learning and trade education, to uncover the route to innovation and the future of learning.

Featured Experts

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What to expect --

This is a deconstructed event, with 3 parts to it:

  1. Expert interviews on each topic to gather insight (currently underway)

  2. Publication of an Insight Article per topic: a short, readable, think-piece which highlights the key Insights for this topic: look out for publication on the 19th October

  3. Interactive, solution oriented Online Discussions will be hosted during the week of the 9th November

Who should attend --

  • Industry executives wanting to learn about and engage on the four topics above, and build their networks

  • Government representatives and regulators interested in catalysing systems change for the future, and finding strategic partners

  • Training providers wanting to expand their business networks and learn from others in the industry

  • Industry Bodies looking for new ways to inspire lasting value creation

  • Individual Artisans interested in igniting their innovation

Partners & Supporters

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Upcoming dates to watch:

Thursday 12/11 at 3pm: Incubation Discussion
Friday 13/11 at 9am Readiness Discussion
Tuesday 17/11 at 3pm Digital Learning Discussion
Thursday 19/11 at 9am Ecosystem Building Discussion

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